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T-Shirts for Masking Angola

Like many of you, I've been sitting at home with a lot of time on my hands feeling frustrated that I can't help others in need during the COVID pandemic. I've spent the past few years teaching art at international schools in China, Angola, and Vietnam. I've also worked as a graphic designer and in my free time, I enjoy designing graphics for t-shirts. In light of the current pandemic, I am selling my t-shirts and donating the profit to the organization Masking Angola


Masking Angola is an initiative created by students at the Luanda International School (LIS) in Angola whose mission is to distribute homemade masks and soap around the local Angolan community and to create infographics raising awareness about safe practices during the COVID pandemic. I worked at LIS from 2016 to 2018 and I am very grateful for the chance to support this school and community. Each shirt you purchase will earn $5 towards the mission! Our goal is to sell 60 t-shirts which will raise $300 and will help to fund mask materials, hand soap, and infographic poster printing. Please watch the video below for more information about Masking Angola. Scroll down for information about how to order a t-shirt. Thank you for supporting our mission!


T-Shirt Ordering Information

1) Choose Option 1 or Option 2 below

2) Place an order by messaging me on Instagram (@hrhendrix), Facebook Messenger, or via email (

3) Payment can be made via Venmo (@Hannah-Hendrickson-3) or by direct bank transfer.

4) Please expect to receive your shirt(s) in about a month!

Questions about specific orders? Message or email me!


Youth Sizing: Children's t-shirts and tank tops available on special request. Message for details. 

Overseas orders: All orders for those who live in Angola will be delivered to you by a LIS staff member once school begins again. Message me about other specific overseas orders.

OPTION 1: SALE Order a pre-designed city shirt 

Price: Sale! $20 per shirt (unisex tank top or t-shirt) + $5 Shipping (USA)

SIZING GUIDES: All shirts are unisex

OPTION 2: Order a custom-made city shirt 

Price: $35 per shirt (unisex tank top or t-shirt) + $5 Shipping (USA)

Special: order 6 or more of the same shirt for $30 per shirt + free shipping

Note: You can customize a previous designed city from Option 1

Step 1) Choose a tank top or t-shirt shirt color

Shirt Colors-01.png
tank colors-02.png

Step 2) Choose your city, what shape design you want (circle, square, rectangle), and two printing colors

Ink Printing Colors.png

Step 3) Place your order. I'll send the design to you before printing for approval!

Example, a Los Angeles shirt was created using an H (white) color tank top with a circle design using printing colors 12 and 15

T-Shirt Colors.png


tank colors-02.png


LA Printing Colors.png


LA Tank.png


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